Republished from Al Nabaa News

Turkish Relief Organization confirmed that it submitted the initiative to take out the trapped civilians in the area #Ganfouda Benghazi but received no response by the militias involved in Dignity Operation.

A member of IHH Izzet Sahin said in a statement to the news, “We have sent a request to Khalifa Hafter to negotiate the 130 families and about 800 civilians, pointing out that the civilians wanted to get out of Ganfouda to a safe place with humanitarian aid until the day of the evacuation.”

He attributed “We are ready as a third party to gain access to Ganfouda and look at the situation there, and even if there were gunmen, this does not prevent the exodus of civilians from Ganfouda.

A member of the organization also mentioned that the LNA must respect the request of civilians not to exit via the LNA and Haftar and that the IHH, are ready to escort the civilians out towards Misrata or Tripoli.

Sahin also reiterated that civilians in the siege of Ganfouda are being denied all international humanitarian laws, adding that there should be ethics even in wars and to differentiate between women, children, elderly and among militants.

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