#FreeGanfouda has been monitoring the situation closely since families exited the Ganfouda armed conflict area. We have been cautious not to make any swift conclusions on the state of civilians.

#FreeGanfouda confirms that males have been separated from their families, detained and interrogated. Women and children have been held in custody, some temporarily and others permanently. A family has disappeared and their relatives in Benghazi have not been able to locate them since their exit. Some families have eventually been reunited with their relatives in Benghazi.

#FreeGanfouda confirms that phones have been confiscated by the LNA in an attempt to control information and communication.

Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) has issued a statement confirming similar findings. HRS has documented photos and videos published online of LNA affiliated militia fighters killing civilians, digging up graves, abusing dead bodies, and torturing a foreign worker.

#FreeGanfouda calls for the immediate intervention by the United Nations Special Mission to Libya (UNSMIL), Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, ICRC, the Libyan Red Crescent and the international community. The safety of the families who have been evacuated must be verified. General Khalifa Haftar, the LNA, its battalions and militias must show restraint and respect of international law and human rights.

We call on the LNA to reunite all families, women, children and men, with their loved ones. Civilians should not be treated as prisoners of war.

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