#FreeGanfouda has confirmed that tribal leaders from the Agori, Dresi and Altaira tribes based in Benghazi who have families in Ganfouda have been negotiating with Haftar and the LNA to evacuate the civilians under tribal protection. After an agreement, the evacuation was planned for yesterday and families were given instructions to exit, however, foreign drones have been actively striking roads surrounding civilian homes blocking them from leaving.

The Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) confirmed that it submitted an initiative to evacuate the Ganfouda families but it has received no response by Haftar’s LNA. The IHH’s international Relations Coordinator, Ezzat Shaheen, in a statement to Libyan news agencies confirmed that “we have sent a request to Haftar to negotiate the evacuation of 130 families and about 800 civilians, pointing out that the civilians want to leave Ganfouda to a safe place and be given access to humanitarian aid until the day of the evacuation.”

He also confirmed that “we are ready as a third party to access Ganfouda and assess the situation there, and even if there are fighters, this does not prevent the evacuation of civilians from Ganfouda.”

Both these evacuation attempts come after a negotiation by the Werfalla tribe which failed on January 9th. Prior to that an UNSMIL-led negotiation between the BRSC and the LNA was abandoned by the LNA on December 10th 2016.

Haftar and his LNA forces are resisting any resolution of the civilian humanitarian crisis. The LNA has shown no respect for rules of war, international law and human rights. These indiscriminate attacks on civilians are executed by the LNA and foreign allies, such as the UAE, while NATO and Operation Sophia, at a minimum, silently witness this gross human rights violation from the Mediterranean waters not far from the Ganfouda ports.

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