Little Girl Victim of 2nd Degree Burns from UAE Airstrikes in Ganfouda

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Fatoha, a 6-year-old girl, has become the latest victim of UAE airstrikes on Ganfouda neighbourhood of Benghazi. An UAE Air-Tractor AT-802 conducted an airstrike on Ganfounda on Saturday November 12 leaving a civilian’s house and foreign workers’ residence in ruin. Several civilians were killed.

Telling her heartbreaking story, Fatoha said she was folding her clothes at her room when an airstrike struck their home.

“I heard the aircraft, I thought it will strike away from our house, but suddenly it struck ours. My father, my sister and her child were killed,” she said.

“I have no clothes, I came here naked,” she added.

A mass of fire surrounded her caused second-degree burns on her face. Unfortunately, she lost her eyesight.

“I started shouting, oh baba come and help me, but he didn’t reply”

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