Ganfouda bombing shelling


The families stranded in Ganfouda district, Benghazi, have decried the urge made by Khalifa Haftar’s forces to immediately leave the district, denouncing at the same time the threatening language used by those forces, saying there is no guarantee that they would go out safely, and who would receive them and they don’t know whether their passage is secure or not.

The families added that according to experience, they know how rockets and shelling can be fired at them while going out of the district, saying such an experience makes them too horrified and cautious to trust such urges, pointing out that they still remember the agony the elderly went through after they left the area.
“We are not comfortable with the phrase “You have been warned”, in the urge sent by Khalifa Haftar’s forces. The families added.
“We don’t refuse to go out of the clashes zone, but we find the timing of urging us out very suspicious and enigmatic, thus we want a safe passage to the city we find fit away from any kind of threats by anyone.” They indicated.
Ganfouda residents received paper from the air thrown by Khalifa Haftar’s aircraft calling on them to immediately evacuate their houses before they raid the area, knowing that the families had urged for a safe passage repeatedly, however; Haftar’s militias did not say how they would find a safe passage for the families, yet they just threatened them against staying.

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