Food, water and medicine have run out in Ganfouda for families who remain entrapped. After months of appealing for international intervention activists are meeting in Istanbul to organize a shipment of aid to be sent to Ganfouda by sea. A Canadian family who has advocated in the past for an end to the crisis is travelling to Istanbul to meet with the other activists. They issued a video statement in the airport to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in hopes that he will support their mission and intervene for the safety of their loved ones.

Video of press conference: https://youtu.be/C63zOByDPHc

The United Nations Special Mission to Libya (UNSMIL) and the Libyan Government of National Accord have failed to negotiate an evacuation of the remaining families through a safe passage to avoid the outcome of the families who left on January 24th and still remain in detention, many of which have been abused and some executed. Recently, the head of the State Council Abdulrahman Sewehli met with UN’s Martin Kobler and urged for an immediate solution and evacuation of the remaining families. According to media reports, he implored Kobler to liaise with aid organisations and with the Libyan Red Crescent to provide safe passage for the families.

On February 18,2016 Kobler issued a number of tweets after a month of silence. Instead of calling on the freedom of civilian families including women, children and elderly from detention he called for referring them to the judiciary.

In August 2016 General Khalifa Haftar’s senior official held a widely controversial press conference threatening the families of Ganfouda that once captured women and children will be tried in court and all males will be executed. 5 months later his threats are materializing and unfortunately Martin Kobler tweets echo the intent of the LNA and endorse further human rights violations.

Martin Kobler, the United Nations and the international community must clearly condemn the humanitarian crisis and human rights violations.

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