#FreeGanfouda Ganfouda Campaign


#FreeGanfouda has been monitoring the situation closely. After 6 months of entrapment about 50 families have been evacuated. Many have left their husbands behind out of fear of abuse and torture. Some of the families have been released from custody but others remain. Those men who left have been separated and have been detained for interrogations.

#FreeGanfouda calls for the immediate release of men and boys from detainment as well as the families who remain in custody. #FreeGanfouda also calls on the LNA to create safe passage for the remaining 70 families.

Some of the remaining families are waiting for confirmation that those who have left have been reunited with extended family in Benghazi. This will be a test of the LNA’s respect for human rights. Other families still entrapped are necessitating a safe evacuation through a third party without LNA interference out of fear from documented practice of war crimes by General Khalifa Haftar and his forces against civilians.

While this positive development is welcomed, the last six months have witnessed over 60 civilians killed including women and children, families living in a humanitarian crisis, and children exposed to psychological torture due to the entrapment and air strikes of the LNA.

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