These innocent victims, that includes 400 children, are facing a massacre. The international community has legal obligations, under the Charter of the United Nations for the purpose to preserve Peace and International Security and to protect Civilians and protect Human Rights in accordance with Chapters IV to VIII of the UN Charter, as well as their obligations under the International Law and other International Conventions, particularly the rules of International Humanitarian Law, the four Geneva Conventions for the humanitarian treatment in war and the supplementing Protocols.

Haftar’s actions are clearly war crimes according to the Rome Statute, the founding document of the International Criminal Court. Haftar and his forces should be taken into account in the ICC.

The UNSMIL must also be held accountable to protect populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity, through the United Nations, under Paragraph 139 of the Outcome Document of the 2005 World Summit, which commits the Organization to take collective and decisive actions, in the event of failure of peaceful means and manifest inability of the national authority to protect its citizens or if it is committing these crimes, to prevent genocide.