The Canadian family who has travelled to Istanbul to meet other activists in hopes of finding a solution to the humanitarian crisis in Ganfouda has met with the Turkish NGO IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation. Activists in Istanbul are working on a shipment of aid to travel from Istanbul to the Ganfouda ports.

The IHH is very concerned about the humanitarian crisis in Ganfouda and has communicated with the Tobruk Government and UNSMIL trying to find passage for its team on the ground to deliver aid to the civilian families but has not reached any meaningful agreement to date.

​The families are starving but are afraid to be detained and abused by the LNA if they leave through LNA controlled routes – they are afraid to suffer from the same outcome of the many families who left on January 24 2017. The LNA is blocking any aid from entering and is starving the families to force them out. The families remain entrapped in the 12 Buildings District in Ganfouda.

Canadian media has reported on the Ganfouda crisis and calling for the Canadian government to intervene. Canada’s foreign ministry, Global Affairs Canada, has publicly stated that it is concerned and is communicating with UNSMIL. CBC “The Current” in its show on the Ganfoudacrisis tried to contact UNSMIL’s Martin Kobler for an interview but did not receive a response.


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