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The Benghazi Municipal Government which operates under the Tripoli-based House of Representatives that governs Eastern Libya and under the military control of General Khalifa Haftar has issued a public statement of appeal to the international community to save the remaining Ganfouda families.

This comes as a surprise because officials from the Benghazi Municipal Government are aligned with Khalifa Haftar and have in the past played an active role in negotiations that were facilitated by the UN Special Mission to Libya to evacuate the families. The mayor of Benghazi Col. Ahmed Aloraibi was Haftar’s representative at the November 2016 negotiations. Today his municipal government has condemned the LNA’s blockade of humanitarian aid, arbitrary detention of civilians, and lack of response to appeals by local Benghazi community organizations, human rights groups and activists.

The statement addressed to international governments reaffirms the current deteriorating status of captive civilians in Ganfouda as previously reported by human rights organizations.

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