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For two years Benghazi has been under siege by General Haftar’s “Operation Dignity.” Ganfouda, a south suburb of Benghazi, has been under intensified attacks. The UN-backed Government of National Accord and human rights organizations have documented from 126 to 133 civilian families who are currently being held captive in Ganfouda. The continuous attacks from sea, land and air by General Haftar, his militias, and foreign allies have resulted in demolished homes and over 30 deaths and counting – a situation that amounts to GENOCIDE, WAR CRIMES AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Since escalated attacks in April 2016, there has been confirmed reports of air strikes killing civilians and destroying homes, schools, clinics, and mosques. Deteriorating humanitarian conditions include shortfalls of water, food, and medicine. Emergency aid is prevented from entering the suburb. The international community has remained silent in the face of these gross human rights violations.

#FreeGanfouda is the united voices of families across the world burdened with serious concern about our mothers, fathers, children, extended relatives and others who are held captive in Ganfouda, Libya. We do not, nor do the entrapped 133 families held captive, have any affiliation with any armed groups or political groups.

#FreeGanfouda is a call to provide emergency supplies, food and medication to the families of Ganfouda until they are evacuated. It is a call for the United Nations Security Council to intervene and for the United Nations Special Mission in Libya to lead a ceasefire agreement and the immediate evacuation of the families to Tripoli in coordination with International Committee of the Red Cross.